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     "To know there are people who are so kind, and so selfless, reassures me about our world. The generosity of this gift has changed the course of my life."

     These words were written by recent DCC graduate Amanda Kinbar - about Jordan Bell, a DCC alum and English professor, who established the scholarship that enabled her to complete her degree.

     But she could have been writing about any one of our generous donors.

     Many DCC students face challenges like Amanda has, but with the help of our valued donors, our students have been empowered to change the course of their lives. But I'm getting ahead of myself. As you read more of Amanda's story, I hope you will consider supporting many more DCC students that are facing similiar challenges.

     A bright, thoughful young woman, Amanda had always hoped to be a college graduate, but the change to pursue her dream right out of high school was derailed. "The financial downturn of 2008 deeply affected my family," she says. "To help out, in lieu of entering college, I entered the workforce - taking on two full-time jobs."

     Finally, in 2015, Amanda was able to enroll at DCC. She was still working full time from home, so she started with one class. Succeeding in her first semester, she decided tha ttwo classes per semester would work for her life and schedule, and she continued to do well. She also began progressing through a series of jobs that allowed her to eventually break into the work world of her dreams - information technology (IT).

     "I've always been drawn to computer science - solving problems and challenges that technology presents, to reap the rewards of its awesome potential," she says. "And I've learned that patience, social skills and personability are qualities that are needed in this industry. Because I love to help people, social skills and personability are qualities that are needed in this industry. Because I lvoe to help people, I'm often asked by colleagues, community members, friends and family to assist them in their struggles."

     But before she could enter the field as a full-fledged graduate, Amanda needed help with her own struggles. She was straining to fund her last few classes when she heard about and was awarded a scholarship, established by Jordan Bell, for women pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering adn math).

     As a result, after years of hard wark, she finally achieved her goal of an associate degree, and she's already started working in a terrific, well-paid position as a systems operations administrator with a well-known media company. "My career path and financial future became measurably brighter within months of receiving my degree from Dutchess," she says. "And that hasn't just changed my life. It's also impacted my spouse, my family and my community for the better."

     This is the power of your gift to the DCC Foundation - empowering student to make a difference, professionally and personally. Congratulations and than you so much!

     Your thoughtfulness and generosity to their future will have ripple effects beyond what we can imagine. Your contributions create the foundation for prosperity and achievement that makes its way out of families and into our region. And your support today will make a difference for generations to come. THANK YOU!

Warm wishes,

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Diana L. Pollard, ‘97
Executive Director
Dutchess Community College Foundation

P.S. I hope you'll take a few moments to help more students follow their dreams by making a gift today. Please help us ensure all promising individuals, like Amanda, have the opportunity to take advantage of what DCC has to offer.
Thanks once again for your support of and belief in the work you help us accomplish. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at pollard@sunydutchess.edu or (845) 431-8403. 
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