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I hope you and your loved ones are well in these trying times. It is a fact that COVID-19 has affected every one of us. Even if we have been fortunate enough to escape the illness and its economic impact, our everyday lives have been altered considerably.student photo

We remain vigilant in our efforts to support Dutchess Community College's students. Unfortunately, I know many who have been drastically affected by this current global crisis. As some of the most financially vulnerable in our region, they are dealing with all kinds of adverse effects - from housing insecurity to the inability to take care of critical dental work to a single father worried about making utilities and internet payments so he and his child can continue online learning. Or consider this story I heard recently:

"Due to the pandemic, I am not able to get additional hours at work. I need to pay my car loan, car insurance, cable and electric. I have used what was in my savings.  I currently make enough to pay my rent and some additional bills, but not all. Without help, I will have to choose certain bills to pay and the other bills will continue to build up and I may risk losing insurance or electric, or have my car repossessed."

To cope with financial challenges like these, students are taking on additional debt, and some have reported maxing out their credit cards. Others say they can make only partial payment or no payment at all, creating a chronic sutuation that my lead to eviction or foreclosure. In addition, if a student's tuition from a previous semester is not paid in full, he or she can't return and continue their education until the debt is paid.

Even with these additional challenges, we are committed to, and will remain dedicated to, helping our students succeed at all costs. We created DCC CARES - a program that helps students in danger of dropping out because of an unexpected financial emergency. And if there's anything that can be said about the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that it was unexpected!

Our DCC community is strong, and with your help, will come together to perservere through these difficult times just as we always have, but our need is urgent. Students who were unable to continue making tuition payments owe a total of $167,000. If we can pay those bills through contributions to the DCC Foundation, they can re-enroll in school. That also will make a big difference in ensuring DCC's enrollment numbers, and therefore our financial strength.

Will you please send a special gift at a level that matches this crisis?

  • Perhaps $159.75 - the smallest amount of tuition still due for the fall semester, to ensure a student may continue their studies this fall?
  • Maybe $1348.26 - the average amount still due on a spring payment plan?
  • Or, if you're able, and moved to do so, $4,930.20 - the largest balance of a student in need?

These are just suggestions, of course. Your gift of any amount will help a student achieve his or her dream of an education. It will support DCC's ability to keep providing a quality education for our students. And it will make an investment in the future by ensuring we provide a pipeline of qualified employees.

Please consider making a gift today that will help our students persevere today and tomorrow.

With gratitude and wishes for your wellness,

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Diana L. Pollard '97
Executive Director
Dutchess Community College Foundation

P.S. Our students need your help now more than anytime I can remember. Please give a gift to empower them to improve their lives by studying at DCC. Thanks again for your support of and belief in the work you help us accomplish. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at  pollard@sunydutchess.edu or (845) 431-8403.

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